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WART Book Three news!

Yep, the book is complete and is off to the printers this week!

Digital versions will be going out very soon and physical packages will be sent out some time next week.

Very exciting times!

Also, you’ve probably noticed Chris is running a Kickstarter that isn’t Wart-related, but is still rad. Click here to go and meet DOC DINO, the best surgeon in the world… on paper. He’s got a big heart but little arms, and he might just save your life…

The end of Part 7!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed our last page of Part 7. Talk a bout a cliffhanger huh?

But what will happen now?

The completion of Part 7 means that Book 3 is almost finished! We had a wonderful Kickstarter a couple of months ago for Book 3 so we are gearing up to get it to the printer!

That does mean we will be a bit quiet on the Wart-front as I will be busy drawing the exclusive Part 7.5 for Book 3.

But worry not as Chris is working on cool secret projects which will be revealed (check out our Facebook page for info) and I will be drawing a short comic for an anthology.

When Book 3 is finished we’ll start to work on Book 4!

Stay Eldritch!




What up, comic fans!

If you prefer to read your comic books digitally (I know we’re a webcomic, but ssh, this is slightly different) you might be glad to know we’re now on the world’s biggest digital comics platform!

Only Book One is available at the moment, but we’re working on getting Book Two up too. Then, when Book Three is done, that’ll be up there too.

CLICK HERE to see it. (If the link doesn’t work, try again in an hour or so).






Surely this is just another step up the ladder to supermegacomicstardom? Right? RIGHT?


You can still get the Print copies off us too – the best way would be to pledge to the Kickstarter we have running RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT and for the next five days.

GO TAKE A LOOK < clicky.






Chris & Ammar



Okay, announcement time!

I said I’d make a super special announcement if we hit 400 Likes on Facebook. Well, we did that over night, so as promised…


Book Three is coming!

So, we’re near the end of Part 6.

Part 7 is almost written, and Part 7.5 is planned.

That’s all we need for Book Three… (more…)